Xenocon Consulting Engineers offers Engineering Consultancy services including planning, design, construction supervision and management of projects in various engineering fields

Civil Engineering

Our services cover planning, management and undertaking of civil works engineering and civil works projects consultancy.

Structural Engineering

We deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions for the development of residential, commercial and industrial structures.d

Project Management

Our services commence at the initial feasibility reporting phase and run through to hand over of finished projects 'On track'.


We come in to assist businesses in setting and follow-up of prequalifications for all bid and contracted businesses.


Xenocon's Civil Engineering division is ready to provide the level of assistance you need to complete your project. Teams handpicked to ensure that their experience matches your project requirements. Your concerns and scheduling needs are incorporated into our plan, so that there are minimal interruptions or inconveniences.

Strong project management is the key to our success. Over the years, we have worked with numerous public agencies and understand the project planning, design and approval process.

Xenocon’s distinctive engineering comes from the firm’s strive for exceptional and high performance structures. Xenocon believes that to be truly effective, the firm needs to practice with special emphasis on meeting client’s distinctive and individual needs, their sensitivity to architectural design, provide effective communication and foster relationships, while promising functionality and connection to each project.


Our experienced team provides structural engineering services and solutions. Satisfied clients include Architects, Developers, Builders, Contractors, and Members of the General Public, Cities and Counties.

In our ever changing world our staff remains up to date on the wide variety of available construction materials and local and state building codes. We can support solutions for projects of any size or complexity.

The Xenocon team is flexible enough to support tight budgets, provide a limited engineering review or, for full-fee projects; we can provide a set of Construction Documents. Our design solutions are both practical, economical and offer significant VALUE.


At Xenocon, we believe that communication and teamwork, from start to finish, are key to the successful execution of any project.

We work closely with our clients to plan and manage projects from initial concept through to delivery. Our project managers are skilled at coordinating multi-discipline teams and continuously monitor progress and costs to ensure a high-quality outcome, on time and on budget.


With our distinction comes a responsibility to encourage contractor management in protecting contractors and suppliers alike.

Xenocon contractor prequalification program encourages firms to adopt a plan to prevent hazards and encourage commitment to workplace safety.

Establishing proper protocols is essential to ensure that a company’s contractors are properly screened and safe to work at a facility. This can be done by setting and enforcing safety expectations before a contract is awarded and then communicating these expectations to managerial staff.